Executive Coaching

At a time of uncertainty, it may seem like the quest for excellence, purpose or even mindfulness is like a fraught competition. Resilience on a personal and professional level requires adaptability. The world is facing extraordinary challenges, offering a new way of working and living. This is a time for courage. Courage to be compassionate. Courage to be authentic. Courage to dream. This is a time to invest in your own perceptual landscape and capacity and seize new opportunities.

Many of us have ambitious goals. Most of us are in search of a balanced life. All of us look for fulfilment. Executive coaching offers space and time to think creatively and deeply, navigating change with courage, in a complex world. A coaching relationship is based on trust and mutual respect, allowing you to enter a new landscape of your inner to outer life. It can help you find a lost or a new narrative, and the confidence to recognize possibilities and strategies to realise your goals.

Elspeth supports leaders, senior management and entrepreneurs to unlock potential and discover personal insights to increase effectiveness and resilience. As each of us is unique, Elspeth’s coaching practice is tailor-made to meet your needs. Working collaboratively, she enables you to articulate, explore and act on your professional and personal goals.

Elspeth’s coaching approach is engaging, stimulating and goal driven. Whether you are clear from the outset about what you want to achieve, or just have a sense that work could be more meaningful and effective, she will guide you through the exploration of your aspirations, motivations and intentions towards a clearer picture with tangible outcomes and actions.

This facilitated process can be anything from reassuring and reinvigorating to positively disruptive which can be immensely rewarding as both coach and client see outcomes on a profound and palpable level.

Training & Supervision

In addition to her core skills and broad business experience Elspeth is also a business associate of the Oxford and London coaching company, Listening Partnership, and is excited to offer a new, innovative transformational narrative coaching process in her repertoire. Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman, founders of Listening Partnership, have created a Transformational Narrative Coaching model which is based on the premise that all of us create who we are through the stories we recall and affirm about ourselves. Our futures are built on them. Transition and significant movement forward, and business transformation happen when people learn how to forge new stories together and act upon them.

This approach is congruent with Elspeth’s whole philosophy of business and the synergies she has found between how they work and how she has worked throughout her career.

This business association with the Listening Partnership has given Elspeth a greater depth to her coaching offer and qualifies Elspeth to train and supervise other coaches in Transformational Narrative Coaching.

Elspeth is also an accredited Insights Discovery Client Practitioner which enables clients to drive business success by increasing self-awareness in people, teams and leaders.

Ida Alexander, Project Lead BBC ARTS
The most helpful part of the process has been the encouragement to think more ambitiously about aspects of my life that I have previously considered hobbies or not part of my professional practice – it’s been inspiring to have that encouragement and having someone else’s perspective on what can be possible. I have learned not to ignore the pleasure / instincts I have towards certain role and activities and to have the courage to seek new ways to integrate this into a broader career plan.

Jo Turksen, Deputy Head of Care at The Sheiling
Elspeth allowed me to share what was important to me to unpick, while moving the process along with good momentum. She brought humour, logic, empathy and enthusiasm into the sessions in a way that I felt truly liked and admired! I would highly recommend Elspeth to anyone interested in receiving coaching sessions, for both professional and personal aspects of life.

Iain Black, Designer
I find Elspeth’s coaching manner extremely easy and her natural enthusiasm for other people to be both highly motivational and energising. Through the sessions with Elspeth, I have found my self-awareness and discoveries to be a very positive and enjoyable experience and this is all the more so because they come from within me. With Elspeth’s help, I have found myself opening up to possibilities that I have kept buried and this in turn has begun to generate the hope I need to fulfil these possibilities.