What We Do

At Alenth we help organisations to be impactful and effective. We consolidate over twenty years’ experience to support clients to position, differentiate and communicate their offer with a fresh voice. Our expertise in strategic business development, research, coaching and branding has proven to attract, increase, and retain customers.

Strategy. Research. Branding. Coaching.


Powerful narrative is at the heart of every successful organisation. At Alenth we understand the importance of telling your story and leading through strategic thinking and narrative. We have a wealth of experience in helping organisations articulate their voice, to build a meaningful narrative to unite their people and create stronger relationships with their audiences. By putting our finger on what it is you need to communicate with your stakeholders, audiences and employees we help you reimagine and reframe your proposition. We pinpoint the specific content that is engaging, relatable and highly relevant to your purpose and audience’s needs. In doing so we help you reposition your offer to communicate clearly and powerfully what it is that only YOU can do.


Your reputation and value is our priority. From stakeholder identification, mapping and customer engagement we help clients to address business opportunities. We bring key insights and a fact-based approach through a combination of research and consultation and evaluation and strategic thinking.


We identify unique traits to bring your strategy to life by developing a powerful brand experience. We articulate your offer and strategic narrative, your vision, values and voice to enable you to stand out in a crowded market. And we create this through a new visual and verbal brand identity. See examples of our work in our case studies.


Alenth supports C-Suite leaders, Boards and senior management to unlock individual and organisational potential. Our executive coaching method helps clients to discover personal and business insights to increase performance effectiveness, resilience and fulfilment. We offer an engaging, tailor-made package for teams or one-to-one coaching sessions to enable a clearer picture with tangible outcomes.